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Calafat Circuit - Spain Test


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Race Team

The end of three days testing at Calafat in Spain and so many gains with new products tested with amazing results and some amazing performances from both riders.
Ashley adjusting to a 4 cylinder machine so well (yes you can rev beyond 13k) after riding a Triumph last year we are so pleased at his times that were set on steady final gearing the lad was buzzing.
Sam had last year lacked team geometry and suspension and gearing advice he has turned a few heads whilst testing here in Spain as predicted by the team and has lots of potential still to come.
Sam has shown some great riding positions and his style is still under development but going in the right direction.
Myself and paddy would like to thank Craig Brookes, Jack Travis and Graham and Sandra for their time support and time given over the last few days, everyone has given something to make the start of this season possible.
Ian Boldy has given some great media coverage and his passion for the Phoenix CFS Race Team is second to none.
See you all at Brands Hatch and thanks again to all our supporters via the social Media and within the paddock.

Team Principle