The Phoenix CFS Race Team arrived at the Anglesey Circuit quite late on Thursday night, after setting up the race awning and settling in for the night the team were optimistic with what could happen at the No Limits track day the following day, there was the refreshed engine with different Cam timing to put to the test and fuel maps to try.

The morning started with Chris going out in the first session getting a feel for the bike and the circuit, after the first few sessions he felt good and he said “the bike had improved from Rockingham” he was happy with the set up after putting in the settings from last year

After more tweeking his lap times came down with still more to come. 

The team will keep moving forward trying different things but on a whole everything looks positive, a full test day to come with Thundersport GB tomorrow with Sunday and Monday racing.

Race Report By Dave Ogden

Everything felt OK, I wasn't pushing too hard on old rubber. We Had a few issues with rear chatter but  was adjusting bit by bit. 

With new rubber in and extra grip and corner speed I found the issue much worse hence me only Qualifiying 16th.

Race 1 Sunday
More changes were made and I felt we were going in the right direction. Finished 11th 

Race 2 Monday
Again some more changes were made in warmup and before the race, I started in 11th and finished 7th After a difficult start.

Race 3 Monday 
Yet more changes and the bike felt the best it had been all weekend, I managed to get to 7th on lap 3 much earlier this time but lost the front on the corkscrew. Gutted to be honest .

Many thanks to Phoenix CFS race team, My loyal and invaluable sponsors, Donna and Celeb, Mum and Daren and everyone that gave their support over this difficult weekend.

Chris Hellewell's Race Report from the Anglesey weekend

Chris Helliwell
We arrived on Thursday evening with a re-worked motor full of expectations for the on coming weekends racing and started steady away on Friday test day, with a couple of sessions under the belt it was apparent that the Motor was very strong and causing set up issues with Torque and drive around this very technical circuit, and creating what initially came across as clutch slip but was diagnosed as lack of rear wheel grip.
We also had changed the IR gap and spring rating front and rear as advised from a technical point which on top of running the Michelins at Rockingham and altering the chassis to suit we found ourselves to say the least in the dark, and searching for a set up most of Friday.
By the end of play Friday we had a mid 1m 10 sec from Chris and the bike, and with Joe Thompson having a last session and explaining the rear chatter with a very low 1m 10 we were as ready as we could be for the Qualifying, where Chris managed a 1m 10.8 and 16th on the grid with 7th to 19th in the 1min 10s.
For the first race we managed to get up to 11th with a 1 min 10.3 but the bike still needed changes for the Mondays racing and we were hopeful we could move in the right direction.
Race one on Monday saw us get a 7th from 11th on the grid and go 2 tenths faster putting a 1min 10.1 lap in.
Race two Monday saw more needed changes including gearing and hopefully this would help to get in touch with the front five, this was not to be and after a lapse in concentration whilst looking to pull the front pack closer Chris slid off at the cork screw and was unable to continue but set a 1 min 10.6 on his second lap so the pace was looking good.
Luke Turner
Luke was steady away over the few test days and was showing a good aptitude for bike set up and learning another new track, overall he put the mechanics of the track together along with a circuit walk Friday and Saturday with firstly me and Chris and again with myself Sunday, with an informal chat along the way.
His Sunday racing went to plan, as i expected a top 8 place first race and he managed first race 5th overall and 4th  in class so great result, and then second race put it 4th overall and 2nd in class and all at a circuit he had never raced before and prior to getting a good set up.
First race Monday saw Luke get another third place and 5th overall with the 4th quickest time.
Second race Monday saw a great battle and another third place a personal best lap and only 4 tenths off the fastest time of the day in the race.
A lot more to come from this young lad, who in my opinion is one to watch for the future and look forward to working with him again very soon and getting a better pace from him that is definitely just shouting to come out, all he needs is direction.

Sorry this part of the report is late but after a long weekend break it was straight into work and spending some time with my lovely wife it was great being part of the Anglesey round and enjoyed helping a few racers stay on track (they know who they are) helping Chris on the Phoenix CFS Race Team bike with a top 10 finish on Monday, and especially working with the orange Bibbed Luke Turner who is new to the scene and did us all proud.
Chris has decided not to ride at Oulton park September so ride negotiations available if anyone would like to climb aboard, we are talking to riders now so contact Dave Or Paddy
Firstly lets take time to thank Ian Boldy for making the weekend go smoothly, due to Paddy on his Holidays with the kids prior to the round and myself not yet being granted my C1 licence back we had to rely on the generosity of Ian driving from Peterborough on Thursday evening and collecting me, Jack and the race truck from Rotherham and driving us to Anglesey, he then went on to take amazing photographs for the team all weekend. on top of this it meant we had to leave the Beautiful Maria at home, so from myself and Paddy thank you and i must say what a great laugh along the way this was a memorable road trip.
A shout out to Paddy as well who under pressure from work and the family still gave his weekend to spanner and help with Bikes and took 3 days out leaving the family on the camp site.

Finally Young Jack, He works around the clock for us all, even when the racings finished he can be found sorting out the race truck and helping everyone with their own issues forgetting his own - A simply outstanding team effort!

The whole team pulled it out of the bag this weekend and it was amazing working and being around you all. See you at the next round.

Team Manager

Race Support

Triumph In The Face Of Adversity

Anglesey Test Day No Limits - Friday

Anglesey - Thundersport GB