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The 2017 Phoenix CFS Race Team

Chris Hellewell

We went to Rockingham very hopeful and the only hurdle was to get the Michelin tyres to work for us by the end of the Friday test day.
Unfortunately the new tyres were late arriving and we only got the Friday afternoon to get to grips with them which to say the least was very tasking.

The tyres seemed to work very well and our only problem was a set up that would get them to last the full race, after qualifying we had them at approx. 8 laps giving some commendable feeling but by the end of the weekend with many alterations to the chassis and rear shock we had not managed the set up we needed to be competitive through a full race distance.
The tyres are not bad as a first mould against the Pirelli and we feel that they would suit a lot of riders, with this in mind we are to continue in testing with them in the future on a few test days and take this opportunity to thank Michelin for the support over the weekend.

With the above in mind Chris managed a 14th in qualifying a 10th and 8th place in Sundays races with 1m26.3 but everyone was slower that session apart from our self's in the previous race we managed a 1m26.6 . in Saturdays race we did a 26.7 but unfortunately ripped the gear lever off in race one on a curb causing a crunchy gear box all weekend, so on reflection we were still a full second off of our potential lap time, we gave a few powerful bikes with knowledgeable riders on board a run for their money and we came away with a bike intact even though we had a few moments on our testing debut on new rubber.

Luke Turner

Luke Turner came to chat with us some time ago and asked for help over a race weekend.
Luke is very new to the sport and after working with him at Rockingham I consider his talent to be one in a hundred, he comes across very respectful and has a lot to learn, but listens and takes on information very well.
With many alterations to the front and rear suspension and after a track walk on Saturday night with myself and Chris we sorted out his gearing for him allowing him the times he needed, over the course of the weekend his lap times plummeted ending up in the 1m 26sec he came away with two 3rd places a 2nd a win and Thundersport GB rider of the day on Saturday, he was also very close to the Pre-National lap record.

Well Done Luke.

​The Phoenix Race Team would like to thank the sponsors for their continued support in 2017.

Next Round - Anglesey