Mallory Park - Thundersport GB - Round 5
Dave Ogden - Team Principle

Test day
Thursday test day Saw us get constant 53 second laps with some great feed back and a happy rider on board, we went into a day off very content with the bike and rider ready qualify.
Chris felt very at home with the bike and we knew a mid 53 sec lap would put us top six, one out lap and two laps pushing saw us go pole a first for the team this year although short lived and even pushing to regain after losing out we were very happy with P2 and 1 tenth off the pole position.
A front row at Mallory Park was going to do us very nicely thank you, this stood testament to all the hard Team work put in.
Race One
After leading for a couple of laps then losing and regaining the lead Chris had a coming together at the bus stop which ended his race but had shown true grit and proved we had a competitive chassis but we still needed to work on a few areas, after looking at the on board I have already started the ball rolling to improve the overall package we have myself and paddy are on it like a car bonnet !
Race two
Changes this late in the weekend very seldom work and they didn't this time, Chris pulled in to save tyres and not risk pushing the bike further and possible damage occurring.
Race Three
Back to his original set up he was chasing down a leading 4 or 5 bikes pack, Chris made a few mistakes which cost him on occasion, he finally tucked the front at the hair pin after losing his line following Irwin who had just had a moment at Edwina’s.
Chris is now running with the top six National guys in the UK and proved he can get very close to a few BSB riders as well, he now needs to digest this and go to Rockingham to do what we all know he is capable of. We have all the ingredients within the team we just need to make that winning blend.

Thank you to all the sponsors that made it to support the Phoenix CFS race team, we came away from Mallory Park with mixed feelings but feel sure we can turn the negativity into positive results for Rockingham, Chris tried his upmost to get a result but it didn’t happen this time, we all know what he’s capable of and know that with the right package underneath him the results are sure to happen.

The Phoenix CFS Race Team would like to thank -

Chris Hellewell
Rock Oil
EBC Brakes
Mupo Suspension
Pipe Works
Ian Boldy Superbike Photography
Maria Rodgers

Without your invaluable support racing just wouldn’t be possible.

Dave and Paddy

Phoenix CFS Race Team Principles

Mallory Park Race Report - Chris Hellewell

Test day 

After more changes to the bike I felt that all the hard work the team had put in with feedback from myself we now had a bike that was on point . every test session I was in the 53s on old Tyres and felt good for the weekend. 

Saturday qualifying

I went into qualifying knowing we had good pace and did two hot laps and was P1. I did a slow lap and noticed I was P2 and pushed one more lap and got P1 back. I was later knocked back to P2 but had saved the tyres and P2 on the grid I was really Happy.

Saturday Race 1

After the red flag. The restart I got a good start P3 into turn 1. I managed to go round the outside into P2 on and on lap 3 I Passed into Edwina's and into P1 I managed to get a little lead but then I was getting hunted down by 2 BSB lads. I was loosing out on power to them too and we lost the lead twice into turn one but managed to get back in front into turn 2. The next lap the same happened into turn 1 but Matt blocked the entry into turn two and I managed to go round the outside of him but didnt scrub enough speed of and ran a little deep and was unable to get on the power I was back into 3rd as Richard Cooper was behind Matt Truelove. I had lost momentum and Zak tried to pass me and cut back on the harpin we headed towards the bus stop side by side I tried to play a little chicken as I wanted to follow the front two and didnt want to loose Time and Zack squeezed me onto the curb which would of been fine before they changed it and as soon as I hit that a braked but the bike lifted and I was a passenger and went into the side of Zack and we was out. Gutted

Sunday Race 1 

After trying new gearing in warmup and chassis length. I wanted a few more tweaks before the race try and find more. But all I can say even with advice I made the wrong choice it was too peaky and unstable that made the suspension twitchy. My fault if you don't try you don't learn I pulled in we didn't need to waste tryes.

Sunday Race 2 

Starting 4th and the old settings back in I got of to an OK start . P7 into turn 1 . I went around the outside of one round Gerrard's and defend into Edwina's. I then had a lap catching up the rider in front and on the next lap I matched my PB and went around the outside into Edwina's and into 5th. I was catching the 3 in front and the next lap Irwin ran onto the grass and I was on the back of him. I gained and was behind him into the hairpin I lost my site a little focusing on him and I tucked the front.  😞 . I felt really good and fancied a go. There was easy a 52 in me. I just made too many school boy errors. I want to say a massive thanks to all my sponsors and friend's family and support. Also a massive thanks to Ian mega pics. Maria for the hospitality and Dave and Paddy for the hard work, Sorry I let you guy's down sometimes you try too hard circumstances may have something to do with it. I'm now at the financial no go. So it looks like my season maybe over . I honestly need help. My budget was for Golden Era and I now need help this class has doubled the money. 

Sorry again to everyone.

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Mallory Park - Thundersport GB - Round 5


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