Chris Hellewell

What an amazing weekend with the odd low and some amazing highs !
Thursday evening and we arrived at a very hot Cadwell park and awaited the one and only Ian Boldy and Maria to aid our set up as Paddy was busy working.

Chris was on the new chassis and power spread for the first time,  straight away in the first session he loved the corner hugging and direction changing new Kawasaki ZX-6R that we had developed with the information supplied and digested from Snetterton, here he'd run with the front pack and made a few mistakes but came back with a lot of feed back to move the bike forward.
All this information had been scrutinised over a pint, Mupo Italy quizzed, and then put into a test day with a rider in between rounds, the overall outcome was chassis performance changing.
Saturday saw Chris run in the constant 1 min 34 secs and we were still working on the chassis with many changes front and back all day, the outcome was a bike that did what the rider asked but to be fair we still missed that initial pick up on the throttle out of corners, the compromise was to run hard corner speed and keep it flowing, something that Chris is very good at (who needs brakes).
Qualify was amazing with an 8th place and only 6 tenths from the front row as a team we were very pleased especially with the class of machine in front of us, this is one very competitive class in 2017 and when you recognise this you up your game by way of set up and you forever diagnose your lap, geometry, and gearing.
Race One -  Chris Helliwell
An awful start as the clutch was grabbing too much but Chris slowly worked his way to the front six and felt that he had pace with a few extra laps to catch 5th and 4th but we as a team were over the moon to finish 6th, 
Race two Chris Helliwell
A poor start and struggled with the clutch slipping decided to pull in and save it for another day.
Race Three Chris Helliwell
After a fairly good start he worked his way up to 2nd place and eventually pulled a 5 sec deficit down lapping at 1 min 45 sec in very wet conditions for approximately 5 laps passing Aaron Bradley and pulling a 4 sec lead  bringing it home P1.
We have now proved the chassis and Mupo suspension on the Kawasaki in the U.K and expect to be top ten runners in the Elites going forward.
Ryan Varley
Riding on the Mondays races with no testing or set up time was a vey brave move although he had rode the bike in the past.
Race one 
Was a dry race with no set up and starting from well down the grid after struggling on his problematic Honda in qualify he was definitely on the back foot.
He struggled all the way through and brought it home in one piece.
Race two
Saw rain and to say he was going to struggle was an understatement as we had no dry data let alone wet settings, Ryan pulled in on approximately lap 7 as he did not want to push and crash, common sense really.
Ryan has a lot of natural ability but this has not been mentored and will come back faster and stronger, proving to be the rider we all know he is.
Thanks to all our sponsors, both rider and team.
A massive thanks to Maria for all the Hospitality over the weekend and to Ian Boldy for his team support and Media coverage, you both make a massive difference.

Thank you so much to our fantastic sponsors - 

Dave Ogden - Team Principle

Race report

Friday test After snetterton we agreed an extra test to get the chassis up to speed would be visible. After all day I got a chassis that i was Happy with and consistent which is the key. We did Low 35s on old tyres. Saturday testing with another set of old tyres we made some more changes and was consistently doing low 1.34s in the 1st four sessions. Then I jumped onto the other bike to test the difference in engines and see how it handled.

Saturday Qualifying.

I dropped into the 33s I did a 1.33.6 and I was stuck in traffic through the last 2 bends p8 Happy with that. Race 1 We had two starts after a red flag . after start one I realised that we had an issue with the clutch. So we dropped back to 11th into turn one I managed to past 3 around turn one and Charlie's. I then got stuck behind a rider for 4 laps which was frustrating. I then managed to get past into 7th as someone had crashed in front I pushed and set nearly the same time as my qualifying lap and past 1 more on the last lap . and we finished p6. Really happy.

Race 1 Monday.

We changed bits on the bike to try and make an improvement and I went the wrong way if you dont try you dont go quicker. Also we had an issue still with the clutch slipping and I was down on power. I pulled in as I didn't want to waste any more life on my tryres.

Race 2 Monday. It had started raining and was definitely wet . I had a plan as always as I'm confident and any issues wouldn't matter right now would be about the chassis and the rider. I got of to another rubbish start but after been 12th into turn one I was 6th after lap 1. 3rd after lap 2 and 2nd after lap 3. I had a 5 second gap. I just got my head down and set a rythem that was comfortable and I was catching up the leader I managed to catch and pass the leader and win the race in the end by 4 seconds. Over the moon. My 1st full win in the elite 600.

Massive thanks to Dave and paddy were heading in the right direction we know how to improve and we will get there not a problem. Also thanks to Ian and maria aka the chef for looking after me and pics. Thanks to Daren standing in the rain helping me as always. And my friends family for coming and staying through the weather to watch. And not forgetting my sponsors massive thank you to you guys wouldn't be here without you. I still need help in finishing this year of as funds are short if you know anyone please ask or come forward.

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