A great start to the weekend on the first couple of sessions on Friday, we then had a new electrical parts fail that took a bit of finding so had a few missed sessions by Chris, lots of changes to the chassis/suspension until finally we got Chris and Ashley reasonably happy.
Ashley matched his time from last year in qualifying a 1min 15.251 and proved the Kawasaki’s capabilities, his previous best was set on his Triumph 675 in the Pre-Nationals 2016

Race one saw Ashley go slightly better on times in his race and was running well until the race was stopped due to an accident, he felt he was pulling in Ben Wootton for 5th place.
Time actually quicker on mega laps as many riders went slower, so shows he was trying in different slower conditions.
Race two - A good race with Ashley taking 6th in class
Race Three - A stopped race again and a 5th again

Chris put a blistering time in qualifying and posted a 1m 14.4. In the first race he lost the front at corums but set a blistering lap of 1m 13.6. for Mega laps and went to 13th on the grid.
Race Two saw Chris retire due to a front wheel problem from his earlier crash.
Race three
Chris went to the front in third from a flying start had a moment out of the seat on lap one and dropped to 7th, Unfortunately he ran on and dropped to 16th. With the race being stopped he had no time to recover.

Chris Hellewell's Race Report - Snetterton

Snetterton Race Report

Friday testing Friday testing went ok we had issues with the front end and we had a brand new part fail which lost us 3 sessions. Paddy and Dave worked hard to resolve the issue and got me out in the last session of the day Saturday qualifying Before we went out myself and Dave had a chat and pritty much did what Rossi does we completely alterd the front of the bike. I was riding into the settings and managed to qualify 14th on the grid. Was happy out of the full grid.

Sunday Race 1

After a OK start I got into my rythem and managed to get into 10th catching the group in front. And then I pushed the front too far and lost  the front at Corham. Gutted but I was pushing hard.

Monday Race 1

Afraid the crash cost me a issue with the front wheel and I had to pull in after lap 1

Monday Race 2

I got a good start again in 11th with a group up to 6th then it started to rain on turn 1 . after a few moment the race was red flagged and a re start. The re start I started 8th. I got a fantastic start. Into 3rd into turn one then onto the back straight I asked for too much power on the cold side of the tyre I saved it but went back to 10th . I managed to get passed 3 bikes through bravery into the next corner and was 7th after lap 1. The next lap I made a mistake and ran on I lost loads of places. I finished 16th.

I definitely tried over the Snetterton weekend, I'd Would like to say thanks to all the Phoenix CFS race team - Ian & Maria, My Mum and Darren and everyone that came to support me over the weekend.

I managed to to take 8 tenths of my best ever lap around Snetterton on a bike that needed some feedback and development. We have already found solutions to some of the issues already and are moving in the right direction. We will get there I have no doubt we have the pieces of the jigsaw we have now got to get them sorted, the quicker the better !

 I would like to announce that I am doing the next 3 meetings with the Phoenix CFS Race Team and I'm looking forward to working with the team and taking the bike to the next level.


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Weekend Race Report - Dave Ogden Team Principle