Over joyed at oulton, we are smiling like the true Cheshire cat after a faultless 2 day event.
Both Luke and Benny went into this weekend with no experience at all to be fair to them, Benny managed a lap time in the 1m 50secs and was not embarrassed on track, this guy has come a long way from his Motor cross experience, and is now proving he is able to develop and learn from scratch, and find the quickest times around each circuit.  
Benny was steady away on test day and just knocked a second + from his times every session.
Qualify did not see him last or on the last row, so credit to him.
Main race saw him 4th in class and again he was steady away, and getting quicker all the time, a great effort.
Luke’s zx6r was finished being built on Thursday night after a major engine problem between rounds, so all was a bit tentative until the first couple of sessions were under our belt and the motor was run in, from there on both Luke and the Machine never missed a beat, again knocking seconds of his lap times each session.
Qualify saw him put a blistering time in but was just pipped to 1st place by Freddie Craine, for the first time at the Cheshire circuit top ten would have sufficed Luke.
With the first race stopped due to an accident, hopefully everyone is ok, the second race went to plan with slowly getting to the front whilst setting the fastest lap of the race and pulling off a race win.
I Have enjoyed working with the two guys and Team,  we all seem to be pulling in the same direction.
Great banter, great meal and drinks Saturday night, and look forward to Cadwell Park for the next round.


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Race Report - Oulton Park  Round 2

Round 2 Thundersport GB Oulton park 

Another massive learning curve this weekend. The test day went well I found it hard to learn the track detail as oulton is a technical circuit, working out braking marks and apex points thought the corners was challenging and slowly I found a comfortable pace that I could work with. 

Qualifying I felt fast pulled in to pit lane to find out I had gone slower than yesterday I was frustrated and felt like I was letting myself down. After a quick chat with the team which basically said pull your finger out and get back to work. I managed to get out with enough time to get one more flying lap in and went 5 seconds quicker putting me P5 in the freshman’s and P36 in the main race. 

Race one was abandoned after a multi bike pile up and oil spill from the wrecked bikes on the out lap which still boggles my mind. 

Race two I got a good jump and battled for P3 in class all the way however another red flag meant an early Finnish to the race and P4 in class and 29th in the main race is all we could do but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. 

Still plenty of learning to do but I’m happy with the progress I am making. 

Thanks to everyone that helps.
Chris dexter smith (the plod ) 
Dave Ogden
Patrick Flanagan
Commercial fleet services 
Rock oil 
Ian Boldy Superbike Photography 
Luke Turner
Jade Rae Brown ( The Mrs ) 

Until next time tattie bye

Luke Turner


Friday practice 

All I wanted to do was get some serious laps round a circuit that I have only had a half day at before,  we needed to learn the blind corners and secrets of the track quickly.

A quick chat with Dave Brooke on the 1/2 test day the week before certainly helped, thanks Dave and then Friday saw my times come down by a second a lap each session, as I found my way round the Cheshire circuit.

Saturday Qualify

A packed circuit made it very interesting for qualifying and struggled at times to get a quick lap, after calling into pit lane for a ride through I managed to put a lap together and qualified on a 1m 46.9 my quickest time for the weekend just when it was needed, A thank you to Phoenix Commercial Fleet Services for a faultless quick machine, in tune with the constant adjustments from Teut at TW Suspension.

Race One

After running third and feeling strong unfortunately the race was stopped, but again going faster and feeling more confidence with the circuit.

Race Two

Not too good off the start and was in 5th by the first corner but the bike felt on form thanks to Phoenix Commercial Fleet Services Race Team,  with more confidence in the circuit and from the Adjustments from TW Suspension I was able to keep slowly over taking people on the brakes and on the exit of corners. 
The guy in first was a second ahead and lapping at a blistering 1m 46 sec dead I caught up with him quite fast! I was waiting for my chance to pass but he made a mistake at Hislops leaving the door open for me, after over half a lap there was a red flag meaning I came 1st! My first win in the dry and on a track I hardly know, well happy couldn’t of asked for a better weekend! And now currently lay 2nd in the championship after just one Oulton Park race.

I’d like to thank Dave and Paddy at Phoenix Commercial fleet Services Race Team because without there hard work I wouldn't of been a contender at Oulton Park this weekend!

Thank you so much to the team and Personal sponsors :-

•Paul Cornell at PCEBS
•Mr Ian Boldy for the awesome photography :-

•Friends and family for the Bants
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