Well that's the end to the Thundersport GB race season, unfortunately it prematurely finished for myself halfway through 2018. 

My wife had a bad fall and suffered a broken shoulder and then I had a fall resulting with my hand in a cast for 6 weeks, I have only just started to have full use of it now.

Reluctantly I was unable to help with Luke's bike since the Brands Hatch round and Jordan's after Mallory Park but thankfully Paddy was able to make all the remaining rounds and prep- supply both bikes to Track-side and Mechanic for the weekends, Can I take this opportunity to thank him so much and also wish him all the best for next year with what ever decision or direction he chooses to go in 2019.

During my absence away from the sport I have had time to re-assess and think about my racing future, since I haven't had to worry about preparing race bikes for the next round I have had time to myself and my family instead of running around pre race weekend, this has made me realise just how much is involved that most don't see and I have really appreciated it.

I have realised that I have missed so much with my wife and my family, I have enjoyed quality time with people that I care about and loved ones I don't often see when I have been away at the race circuits, I am sure you will all understand.
My new position as Business Development Manager at Rock Oil will eat into my time again next year,  saying this next year I will be continuing as Phoenix Race Support,  I have instructed Ian, My Media and development manager to re-design my new Phoenix Race Support logo that you have all seen on Facebook and this website. I will though be helping out with my race truck when needed, and turning up at selected rounds to watch a bit of my favourite sport.

Sponsors EBC have agreed to continue a further year, with Pipewerx exhausts agreeing to continue the loan and use of their product used for the last four years, Rock Oil of course will be helping the team again with all the Oils and lubes, along with Hel Brake lines and a few more sponsors that don’t want to be mentioned at this stage.
The two riders that Phoenix Race Support will be giving background support too at Thundersport GB in 2019 are Luke Turner in the 600 Sportsman Elite  and Veteran Chris Ganley in the Golden Era Supersport class,  you never know we may be able to stretch sponsors to assist a third rider if they are right and our budget allows.

Thank you so much to everyone within the team this year, your support and dedication makes it all worth while, I have, however. realised that time away can be a good thing as you see what is going on from a different perspective, it also makes you realise just how important family life is.
I hope all the riders out there get what they want from Santa and see you all in the paddock at some point in 2019.
Keep it Pinned.



A Statement From Dave Ogden

Race Support