Mallory Park Round 4

Jordan Gill
Mallory park update! 

All day testing on Thursday was crucial for me as I had to learn the track and the bike having never rode there before, plenty of laps completed on Thursday with a change of gearbox, the bike and I were in then in perfect condition ahead of the weekend. 

Qualifying went well for me as I managed to qualify 3rd 0.012 from 2nd, setting a new personal best lap time every lap and a session best. 

First race I focused on getting a good start and trying to latch on to the back of the faster lads to get a tow and learn more about the track, sadly I made a few unfortunate mistakes and lost grips with the front pack and finished 5th. I was still able to come away with a 53.4 second lap time which was 0.3 off the leaders.

The second race I was just trying to get the best possible start and tried to  run away with the front guys again,  I was in 2nd when I made an unfortunate mistake and then the tyres started to wear and I was unable to catch back up but I still managed to finish on the podium with a 3rd place and a personal best of 53.2 . 

The last race I was able to get a better start but unfortunately a massive incident happened on the first lap with a few of the leaders crashing out and one of them colliding with me and smashing my fairings and bending my clutch lever but I was able to stay on luckily and make the restart of the race, another great battle in the final race fortunately I was able to compose myself and take the win with another personal best lap time of 53.0

All in all great weekend at Thundersport GB on board the  Phoenix CFS Race Team Kawasaki ZX6-R.

Thank you to all that make this possible:

My mum and Dad at Motorhome Hire Scotland. 
Andy Stewart at BikespeedUK.  
• Phoenix Commercial Fleet Services Race Team
• Ian Boldy Superbike Photography
• Team Mate Luke Turner
• Rock Oil
• EBC Brakes
• PipeWerx Exhausts
And not forgetting all at the TSGB club and all the Marshalls and Medics over the weekend giving there time to allow us our Race time.

Weekend Race Report - Luke Turner

Jordan Gill Takes Maiden Win At Mallory Park


Race Support

Team Principle Race Report

Mallory at the sharp end.
Well as Phoenix Commercial Fleet Services went into the hot sun at the Leicester circuit who would had thought that the two newbies would be qualifying in the top three in each class with the two national and elite riders in the U.K? WELL NOT ME FOR SURE! but you always strive to put out a good bike and hope to get that front running set up with the aid of a good rider.
This was certainly the case at the Mallory park round, seeing Luke Turner so close to a lap record pace and his first visit to the circuit, with Jordan Gill having his second outing ever on a 600 machine and putting himself 3rd on the grid against some very seasoned riders to say the least.
Luke’s luck in the races did not go as well as planned with Tommo running into the back of him early in the race, severely damaging the bike and ending his race.
We soon re-built the machine and got him back out but whilst pushing for the lead he tipped off at Gerrards and had some horrendous damage which we are looking for support to get fixed.
Jordan had some fantastic races and avoided the bad luck in race 3 on Sunday by a narrow margin and turned the narrow miss into a narrow win for the team, this is the first win for the team in dry conditions and a win against some very commendable riders, a well done to all and hope the fallen are ok and we hope to see you soon.
The weekend at Mallory became one of the most enjoyable in the teams 7 year History, and enjoyed both riders banter and feed back making small steps towards a twin class domination.
We would all like to thank team followers and supporters for there kind words and backing it means so much as there is enough negativity in the world and we feel your support THANKYOU SO MUCH !
All in all great riders great feed back and great results with an unlucky ending for Luke #86 but he will be back we will rise from the ashes.
A big Thank you to:
• Paddy & Dave at The Phoenix Commercial Fleet Services Race Team and Paul from PCEBS 
• Mr Ian Boldy for the awesome photos:-  
• Team riders Luke Turner #86 Jordan Gill #121 
• Rock Oil
• EBC Brakes
• PipeWerx Exhausts
And not forgetting all at the TSGB club and all the Marshalls and Medics over the weekend giving there time to allow us our Race time.


Thursday practice
After only having one track day at this Leicester circuit previously, we made steady progress with changes to the bike and tyre pressures in and after every session feeling more comfortable all the time and getting closer and closer to the lap record in my class!

We made another few subtle changes to the bike and went even faster and claimed P1! It was really hard to get a clear lap on this Leicester short circuit but after using the run off a few times at Edwina’s to wait for a bit of clear track I managed a 54.9! Again coming closer to lap record which is 54.4 

Race 1 :-
Bad luck struck when on the first lap I got heavily run into from behind by Tommo coming into Edwina’s, this was just one of those unlucky accidents that happens in racing 😬

Race 2 :-
Thanks to Dave and Paddy at the Phoenix Race team for very quickly fixing my bike ready for race 2! The race started off great after 4 laps I had reached my goal of 54.4 and felt I could go faster. But... I had a weekend ending crash coming into Gerrard’s at 100mph where I lost the rear in some very Hot conditions and unfortunately The bike was unfixable bending almost everything! Even Dave and paddy couldn’t bend aluminium at the trackside! 🙈

We are now currently trying to find more sponsorship so we can repair a very badly damaged bike to carry on racing and try to win this championship!!! As we are still only 19 points from third and 70 points off first with 100 points available at each round and a race still to run from Oulton Park.
If there is anyone who would like to get involved then please do not hesitate in messaging or emailing the team or Luke #86 😊 
A big Thank you to :-
• Paul Cornell at PCEBS
• Jon Homor
• Phoenix Commercial fleet services Race Team (Dave and Paddy)
• Nf Moto Leathers
• Mr Ian Boldy for the awesome photographs :-
• Friends and family for the Bants
• Team Mate extraordinaire Jordan Gill #121 
• Rock Oil
• EBC Brakes
• PipeWerx Exhausts
And not forgetting all at the TSGB club and all the Marshalls and Medics over the weekend giving there time to allow us our Race time.

Thanks, Luke

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