1997- I started riding pushbikes at the age of 3 and a half, I then took the stabilisers off at age 5 and that was it, I was hooked! Pushbikes were never fast enough though

2009- I actually started riding motorbikes when I was 16 I got an RS50 and I loved it! I rode every summer and winter, I was one of those riders that actually liked to go out in the rain

2016- I have always wanted to race bikes for as long as I can remember but could never afford it. My first ever time on track was when I was doing my ACU race license in the rain! Then went straight into a race weekend at Brands Hatch Indy with BEMSEE race clubbing I had a completely standard R6 apart from an aftermarket exhaust system and track fairings. I qualified 16th in my first round (the very first time using race tires). In the third race that round I got a 5th out of 30 riders- my best race. 

I then had a terrible crashing disease and I crashed at every race weekend! I have since realised I was trying to go faster on a bike that couldn’t keep up with me. I had a massive high side in the end and then went on to buy a Kawasaki ZX6R which has been the best decision I made that year.

2017- Only managed 4 rounds due to limited funds but it was the best year by far due to the bike and learning a lot regarding the bike set up from the Phoenix race team. 

My best round was at Rockingham. The weekend consisted of four races in which I achieved two 3rd places on Saturday, alongside Marshall’s Rider of the Day Winner. On Sunday I achieved a 2nd place in the first race and broke the class lap record which has stood for some time and set by Harry Truelove; a rider who now competes with BSB. I went on to win the second race in appalling wet weather conditions and came in 12 seconds ahead of my nearest rival.

Luke Turner



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