Anglesey Race Report - 

Saturday-Test Day-a great day of testing and adjusting the bike ready for the race day. It was a busy weekend with family and friends supporting me as usual.

Sunday-Qualifying- Horrendous weather with horizontal rain and limited visibility for all the riders. I managed some reasonable lap times though and ended up third on the grid-happy with that. The bike still needed adjustments for me to be able to cut down my lap times though.

Race 1 started well however, I was forced off the track a few laps in and after a across country route to re-join the track, I returned fourth on the grid and stayed in this position. Thank goodness, I stayed on-wasn’t happy!

Race 2 was better, even with the bad weather; I had a good start into the first corner completing the race in third.

Monday- race 1-now in fifth place on the grid but for me a preferred position on the track. Straight down the middle into second place. I held that for three laps and a few battles later, finished third.

Race 2, tires were not in the best condition so I just needed to complete the race. After another near off thanks to another rider, I got to the front. Three of us broke away from the pack and a battle commenced, I finished second in this race and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was asked a few time if I had traction control on the bike this weekend and I can assure you all, I do not but had a lot of fun ! Thank you to everyone who supported me this weekend, it means a lot. Glad to hear that our garage mate Aaron Collins is on the mend and team mate Jordon Gill is hobbling around much better-all the best to you both.

Thank you to all my sponsors as without you I couldn’t do this:

•Paul Cornell at PCEBS

•Jon Homor •

Commercial fleet services

Phoenix Race Team, Paddy, Dave and Ian

•Nf Moto Leathers

•Mr Ian Boldy for the awesome photos

•Friends and family for the Bants

•Rock Oil

•EBC Brakes

•PipeWerx Exhausts

•Teut Wiehn at TW Suspension

Hope to see you at Cadwell Park on the 22nd and 23rd September everyone is welcome!

#86 Luke.



Luke Turner

Jordan Gill

Again, I was learning a new track but this time the track was amazing, I now love this track apart from the fact that unfortunately the weekend did not end well for me. All weekend I spent getting comfortable again and I was able to get to grips with the new Dunlop wet tires replacing the Pirelli wet tires, much more confidence built up now so I’m very happy with that. Each weekend I am able to collect data on the Mupo suspension and take it forward with me in future race weekends, I’ve also learned how each gear ratio can affect the bike and the lap times, we have a few changes to make before the next round which should hopefully help me at Cadwell Park. Unfortunately on Monday in race two out of three I had a crash on turn 5 where I highsided and landed right on my head, from what I have heard I was flung 10 feet in the air and landed straight on my head and slid across the floor on my face knocked unconscious, I cannot remember anything from the race or what happened on Monday prior to the crash, after getting home late Monday night I finally got to A&E to get checked out and I have fractured my ankle and suffered  a sever concussion, I have been given a two week race ban due to the concussion and recovery on the ankle is 4 weeks until I can walk without crutches. I’m now on the road to recovery and hopefully I will be fit for Cadwell in exactly 4 weeks. I’d like to thank the Thundersport GB medical staff for attending to me and making sure I was okay after the crash. And thank you to the Thundersport GB club for running a great weekend.

Thanks to the guys at Phoenix CFS Race Team. 
Thank you to my family at Motorhome Hire Scotland. 
All my colleagues at BikespeedUK for their continued support. 
Dave Croft at Mupo suspension. 

Thank you to Ian Boldy for the photography  📸 📸

Thankfully my helmet did it’s job and saved my life but unfortunately it has taken a massive hit and is destroyed. My leathers, boots and gloves were also damaged so I’ll need to try and source new kit for the next round in 4 weeks.

Anglesey race report

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