Below are all the people that said hello to me on my first adventure at Anglesey Race Circuit


Commercial Fleet Services

Hello Everyone, I will be getting ready to travel to Oulton Park next weekend.

I Hope to see you all there with Thundersport GB

Snappy In His New Video 

"Snappy" is the Phoenix CFS Race Team Mascot.​​

"Snappy" The Pilot

Thank You So Much RAF

Today Snappy has been a guest with the RAF, He was invited to a flight simulator and a Met brief this morning, He then got fitted with his flying clothing and went for a flight in a RAF Tutor Aircraft.

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To contact Snappy please fill in and send the below form, He will get back to you as soon as he can.

Please Come Back Soon

Thank You for looking at our website, I will be at Oulton Park with some more lovely people soon. The Countdown clock will tell you when I will be there.
Bye For Now !